Jennifer Lopez New Hairstyles 2014

Jennifer Lopez New Hairstyles 2014
Jennifer Lopez New Hairstyles 2014

Having different hair-do is important for celebrities, including Jenifer Lopez. With her hairstyles as her trademark, it is only logical if she likes having new different styles for different occasions, especially for the 2014 trend. But no matter what, she keeps her natural waves and tries to come it up with different styling. In this first example, her curls remains, but she tries to tame it up into rather straight and sleek manner. Her long layered hair-do looks great in brown-red cover, and with simple central hair parting, she looks professional and ready for her big day, without doing too much styling or work.

Light Brown Wave

Jennifer Lopez Light Brown New Hairstyles 2014
Jennifer Lopez Light Brown New Hairstyles 2014

The natural waves are remained intact. The long hair is styled in layered model so it gives out textures and nice addition, making the hair looks volumized and thick without doing too much. The layers are also doing great for the waves and curls, adding out volumes and thickness in such simple and natural way. The central hair parting will make the overall hair-do looking great and stylish. With light brown cover, the overall hair style is just nice. Some highlights will do, making the appearance attractive and catchy – suitable for everyday look without having to do too much.

Darker Brown

Jennifer Lopez Darker Brown New Hairstyles 2014
Jennifer Lopez Darker Brown New Hairstyles 2014

The waves are still there. After all, it seems that Lopez is really comfortable with her hairstyle that incorporates natural waves and curls, and keeps it that way in loose and free manner. However, this style is suitable for more formal occasions as the curls used are bigger and more texturing. The central hair part is still being used. The color, however, comes in different shades and arrangement. In this hair-do, the brown is darker, deeper, and richer. It is almost the same as black-brown cover, but not as black. With lighter highlights, it looks great and stylish without too much fuss.

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